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Roman silver coin dating to 211 BC found in Britain...!!!

>> Saturday, January 30, 2010

LONDON: A attenuate argent bread dating aback to 211 BC has been unearthed at the Leicestershire apple of Hallaton in the UK and is advised to be the oldest allotment of Roman currency.A metal detectorist begin the 2,221-year-old bread -- a denarius -- forth with 5,000 added coins, a abundantly busy Roman army helmet and a different busy argent bowl.While one ancillary of the bread depicts the goddess Roma cutting her appropriate helmet, the added ancillary shows allegorical twins Castor and Pollux sit astride galloping horses, the Daily Mail reported.

David Sprason, a affiliate of Leicestershire County Council, said: "Leicestershire boasts of the better cardinal of Iron Age bill anytime professionally biconcave in Britain."To additionally accept the oldest Roman bread anytime begin is article actual special."

Describing the account as 'exciting', David Mattingly of the University of Leicester said: "This abundance has afflicted our appearance of aloof how cogent the East Midlands were in this aeon and this bread is a acceptable example. "It indicates there was acquaintance amid this arena and the Roman Empire admitting the ambit amid the East Midlands and the genitalia of Britain the Romans accustomed in, like Colchester and Chichester."

The bread is advised to accept been minted in Rome at the time of the Hannibalic wars and accomplished Britain afterwards casual through abounding hands. It is preserved at the Harborough Museum in Leicestershire.


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