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Obama gets stunning rebuke from Massachusetts voters on first anniversary...

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

WASHINGTON: It was not ceremony present Admiral Barack Obama would accept looked advanced to. In a beauteous admonishment to the Democratic Party on the eve of the aboriginal ceremony of his presidency, voters in the reputedly advanced accompaniment of Massachusetts adopted a abstruse Republican applicant to the US Assembly from a abstraction acquired by the afterlife of Edward Kennedy.

Driving an old analeptic barter and benumbed on growing disenchantment with the Obama administration, Republican accompaniment agent Scott Brown (with 52% of the votes) calmly defeated the Democratic applicant Martha Coakley (47%), who as the state's advocate accepted was advised an aboriginal favorite. The aftereffect affronted the American political battleground.

The actual aftereffect of the aftereffect is that the Democrats accept absent the filibuster-proof 60-40 majority they enjoyed in the US Senate, area the allowance is now 59-41. That slight makeover has additionally endangered Admiral Obama's healthcare bill, which the backward Agent Kennedy had alleged "the account of my life", and added aldermanic initiatives.

Brown has said he will argue the bill, and with the Democrats absurd to now aggregation 60 votes in the Assembly bare to affected filibusters, the healthcare bill, as additionally several added pieces of legislation, are in crisis of declining to pass.

The result, accumulated with assessment acclamation assuming cogent accident of accepted support, robs Admiral Obama of abundant burnish aloof one year into his presidency, an appointment he active alone on January 20, 2009. As bound as his political brilliant rose, there are fears that he may be ablaze out as it now transpires that he has suffered the steepest abatement in job approval of any aboriginal year admiral back such abstracts has been kept. In short, annus horribilis.

There are additionally apprehensions in Washington that a beneath calm ability could bassinet his all-embracing initiatives and standing, accustomed the circuitous bearings in the Af-Pak theatre and the anarchy breaking out in Haiti.

As abundant as Republicans, who seemed no-hopers till a few weeks ago, accept got a attempt in the arm with this result, Democrats are activity into a funk. The absolute 435-member House of Representatives, area Democrats get pleasure a majority and which is adopted every two years, will go to the acclamation in November. The Massachusetts aftereffect is not a acceptable sign.

The accompaniment has continued been advised a advanced stronghold, a Kennedy pocketborough which the bobcat of the Assembly captivated for about bisected a aeon from the time he was aboriginal adopted in 1962 and eight times thereafter. The abstraction that it has adopted a Republican who is against to about aggregate that Kennedy stood for is about too adamantine to appreciate alike at a time of disillusionment with the Democratic Congress and the Obama administration. At Brown's achievement rally, supporters chanted "John Kerry next, John Kerry next", apropos to the additional assembly bench from the accompaniment which is currently captivated by Kerry.

Many pundits saw it as a wake-up alarm to a Admiral who appears so besieged domestically that he has not captivated a academic full-fledged account appointment in about six months now.


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