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Fight politically, fight like a brave not as a coward: says Mamata Bannerjee to Maoists and other terrorists

>> Friday, January 1, 2010

Whether you are a racist, a terroists, a Maoist, a adoration zealot, action bravely politically. Do not alarm innocent abandoned bodies with terror. Be adventurous and face the bodies openly, not afraid like the archetypal terrorist, says India's ascent brilliant Mamata Bannerjee.

The account came afterwards Indian authorities begin that Maoists were aggravating to derail abounding trains in India aggravating to actualize alarm and calamity for the innocent accepted people.

It is an absorbing statement. The terrorists are cowards. They can alone actualize alarm amid the helpless, unarmed, innocent accepted people.

Baffled over Maoists removing angle plates forth 400 metres of railway advance abreast Gidhni in West Midnapore on Wednesday, she said Maoists are angry like cowards and targeting the railways.

"Sabotaging trains, killing bodies is angry like cowards," she added. It is an absorbing statement. Racists that use alarm to alarm minorities in Western nations like UK, America, and Europe are appropriately alarmist like the terrorists. Those who abrasion Police compatible and accomplish acts of racism to accompany apocryphal accuse are annihilation but terrorists. They are annihilation altered from Maoists or Islamic terrorists. The cowards cannot face the political system. They use their power, and vengence to aching the accepted bodies who are blank and innocent.


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