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>> Thursday, June 16, 2011


Function of Vitamin C...

>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vitamin C serves a predominantly careful role in the body. As aboriginal as the 1700's, vitamin C was referred to as the "antiscorbutic factor," back it helped anticipate the ache alleged scurvy. This ache was aboriginal apparent in British sailors, whose sea voyages larboard them far abroad from accustomed ambience for continued periods of time. Their anatomy food of vitamin C fell beneath 300 milligrams, and their gums and bark absent the careful furnishings of vitamin C. Recognizing limes as a acceptable shipboard antecedent of vitamin C, the British sailors became accepted as "limeys" for accustomed ample food of limes aboard ship.

The careful role of vitamin C goes far above our bark and gums. Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, collective diseases and amaurosis are all associated with vitamin C absence and can be partly prevented by optimal assimilation of vitamin C. Vitamin C achieves abundant of its careful aftereffect by activity as an antioxidant and preventing oxygen-based accident to our cells. Structures that accommodate fat (like the lipoprotein molecules that backpack fat about our body) are decidedly abased on vitamin C for protection.


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