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Kareena gives friends a ride!

>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It’s common practice for stars to ferry their friends and family to and fro from the studios. But on most occasions the star uses the smallest, most indescript car from his fleet for this chore.

Except Kareena Kapoor. The girl has bought herself a swanky car, and she encourages her friends to take the vehicle for a spin or to get dropped home because she truly believes that like her, her near and dear ones should experience the ultimate luxury. Must say Bebo has a big heart... and a bigger sense of luxury than most of the other B-town superstars, who believe in luxury for themselves, but are often stingy when it comes to others around.


Pennagaram Election Result......

>> Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Election held on Tamilnadu Assembly Contituency Pennagaram on 29th March 2010. Pennagaram Election vote counting started today morning. Here you can check Pennagaram Result Live. Pennagaram Result leading position get it from here. DMK Candidate Inbasekaran won Pennagaram Constituency by margin of 36,384 votes against PMK candidate Tamilkumaran. Pennagaram Result details as given below Party wise position listed here.

Pennagaram Result Candidate and Party Wise

Inbasekaran (DMK) - 77,669
Tamilkumaran (PMK) - 41,285
Anbazhagan (AIADMK) - 26,787
Kavery Varman (DMDK) - 11,406


Indian BPO market to grow 25% in 2010...

>> Monday, March 29, 2010

BANGALORE: The business process outsourcing (BPO) market in India is estimated to grow 19% through 2013, according to IT research and advisory firm Gartner.

The domestic India BPO services market grew by 7.3% year-on-year in 2009 primarily due to the global economic uncertainty which led to some price and volume pressures.

Gartner said in a statement it estimates the Indian domestic BPO market would grow into a $1.2 billion market by 2011 and grow to $1.8 billion by 2013.

"In the short term, market trends such as changing demographics and affluence levels, consumption of value-based services, increasing focus on service quality and the continued momentum of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) bear watching, as their impact is certain to influence shifts in buyer needs and behavior," said T J Singh, Research Director at Gartner.

The Indian domestic BPO market is one of the high-growth services segment and has now become more organised.

In the last two years, many established Indian BPO providers and some of the multi-national corporation service providers focusing primarily on the international offshore services market have shifted greater focus and investments to the Indian domestic market", said Singh. "The economic slowdown accentuated this phenomenon".


Obama makes surprise trip to Afghanistan..!!

>> Sunday, March 28, 2010

US President Barack Obama arrived in Kabul on Sunday for an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, his first trip to the country since becoming president and commander-in-chief of the US-led war effort.

Obama's brief trip was expected to include a one-on-one meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, an expanded meeting with Karzai's cabinet and US officials, and a speech to American military personnel.

A White House official, speaking before the trip, said Obama wanted to get an "on the ground update" about the war from General Stanley McChrystal, the US and NATO commander, as well as Karl Eikenberry, the US ambassador.

In December Obama ordered the deployment of an extra 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan and set a mid-2011 target to begin withdrawal.

That increase is under way, though only a few thousand of the extra troops have arrived.

Obama is expected to greet troops and meet with diplomats while in the country.

Obama's domestic victory on healthcare reform last week gives him political space to turn his attention to the Afghan war, which has mixed support from the American public amid rising casualties, costs, and corruption among Afghan leaders.

The trip allows Obama to see the early results of his troop increase strategy, show support for military personnel and refute critics who say his focus on passing healthcare legislation has diverted attention from foreign policy.

Obama traveled to Afghanistan during the 2008 US presidential election but has not been back since his victory over Republican Senator John McCain, whose criticism at the time prodded the Democrat's trip.

The White House official said weather and logistical reasons had thwarted previous attempts at a presidential visit since Obama took office in January 2009.

Much has changed during Obama's first year in office.

Top US officials held a multi-month review of the White House's war policy, culminating in the decision to send more troops.

When all 30,000 arrive by the end of this year, the number of US troops in Afghanistan will have tripled on Obama's watch to 100,000, along with more than 40,000 from other NATO countries.

Karzai, who remained in power after a fraud-marred election, has launched a high profile effort to reach for reconciliation with the Taliban, who have made a comeback more than eight years since their ousting by US-backed Afghan militias.

US defense secretary Robert Gates said last week the timing was still not right for reconciliation with senior Afghan Taliban leaders.

Obama speaks less often to Karzai than did his predecessor, former President George W Bush, who launched the war in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.


Who next for ‘Swayamvar’?

After Rahul Mahajan’s shaadi to Dimpy on a reality show, Indiatimes Movies lists a set of probable candidates for the show’s next season.

MS Dhoni
Indian skipper MS Dhoni has stolen many a heart. Considered to be one of the most eligible bachelors around, MS Dhoni was approached to be on ‘Swayamvar’. The cricketer obviously thought that hitting the ball with the bat was far more interesting... But this would be one interesting wicket to bat on, Dhoni! And the maidens, we’re sure, would be so bowled over!

Muzammil Ibrahim
He’s a hot model, who has assets girls would swoon for. Handsome and down-to-Earth Muzammil has made a mark in the modeling industry as he dreams Bollywood next! Good natured, we think that this hubby-material dude will make for an interesting ‘Swayamvar’ candidate!


7 cops suspended as 5 Jhabua tribals escape from lock-up...

>> Friday, March 19, 2010

MUMBAI: Five accused belonging to the infamous Jhabua tribal gang of Madhya Pradesh, escaped from the over 100-year-old Palghar lock-up on Thursday. They were arrested in February in connection with a robbery and double murder in Boisar. Seven cops have been suspended for the lapse.

The accused formed a pyramid to reach the wooden plank on the roof that is around 18 feet high. They broke the plank, unsealed a single Mangalore tile underneath the plank and escaped. Interestingly, this is the second time in a year that Jhabua gang members have managed to escape from police custody.


Indian Party League!

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

The stage was set, the pitch ready. Shah Rukh Khan’s team was all set to battle it out with last year’s winners, Team Deccan, at the inaugural match of IPL-3 and the cricket fever was in the air at Mumbai’s DY Patil stadium.

But before bat met ball, Lionel Richie, UB40 and Deepika Padukone performed in the much-awaited opening ceremony. The VIP stand was abuzz with action (apart from all the hits and misses on the field).

Cheering on were the owners of the stadium, DY Patil with his sons Ajeenkya and Vijay; team owners Shah Rukh Khan (who left midway) and Vijay Mallya with his son Sidhartha; cricketers Sir Gary Sobers and Anil Kumble; politicos Jayant Patil, Rajiv Shukla and Asif Bhamla and a host of others including Atul Kasbekar, Arjun Rampal (who was hounded for autographs), Anjali and Arjun Tendulkar, choreographer Ganesh Hegde, Abhishek Kapoor, Ali and Mohammed Morani and Feroz Abbas Khan. While it was the Indian Premier League on the field, off it, it was one big party! Let the fun and games begin...


All about climate change...

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

MYSORE: International experts will be in the city to deliberate on climate change starting Friday.

The international conference on challenges to biodiversity hosted by JSS Mahavidyapeetha and Japan-based Organisation for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA) International will see noted names in ecology and environment debate on issues like biodiversity, environment and climate change. Delegates from India, Japan, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Kenya will be here.

The three-day meet is also looking at environment for sustainable development, noted agriculture scientist M Mahadevappa, the convenor of the event, said on Wednesday. The meet is to commemorate international year of biodiversity.

Experts will deliberate on climate change-challenges of mitigation, degradation of coastal wet lands, depletion of forest cover, sustainable development in eco-forest and economics of ecosystem and law of environmental protection. Kerala's forests and housing minister Binoy Viswam will inaugurate.

Courtesy: Times of India


Sameera is in love with Kerala!

>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sameera Reddy aloof can’t stop blubbering about God’s own country area she’s currently cutting for a Malayalam blur blue-blooded Oru Naal Varum.

Writing on her micro-blogging page, she describes Kerala as a “breath-taking place”. While her aftermost Tamil absolution was Aasal, Sameera was additionally apparent in a blink-and-miss attempt in the Simbu-Trisha starrer Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa.

“That attempt you see is from my accessible Tamil abstruseness that’s actuality directed by Gautham Menon,” states the actress, who has beforehand formed with the administrator in Vaaranam Aayiram, which additionally featured Suriya, Simran and Divya Spandana. Sources acquaint us that the extra will anon be in the burghal to abide assignment on her untitled thriller.


Dos and don’ts for dieting....

>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here are some dos and don’t to be kept in apperception while planning to go on a diet.

Fat-free diets are acceptable for you

While it’s important to abate your fat intake, if you plan on accident weight, you don’t charge to cut out fat altogether. Dieticians say you still charge to absorb a acceptable bulk of fat as it’s bare for energy, tissue adjustment and to carriage vitamins about the body. Instead, say no to saturated fats like adulate and go for convalescent options like olive oil.

Eating backward at night makes you put on weight

You accept apparently heard a lot of fit bodies adage they don’t eat annihilation afterwards 7 or 8 pm in the night. Back you accept banquet is not as important as what you eat. A meal eaten backward at night will not necessarily accomplish the anatomy abundance added fat. Just ensure that you eat a brace of hours afore sleeping so that the aliment gets digested well.

Avoiding assertive foods

There are lots of belief that assertive foods are ‘good’ if you appetite to lose weight and others are ‘bad’. While fruits, vegetables and basics are a convalescent option, it doesn’t beggarly you accept to cut out carbs entirely. Eating bread, pasta and rice in balance is fine.

Slow metabolism is the problem

This is a accepted allegory amid those appetite to afford those added kilos. Experts say the beyond you are, the added calories you charge to accumulate your anatomy working. Bodies tend to put on weight, back they eat added than they burn. This is due to our abundantly desk lifestyles.

Crash dieting helps

While a desperate diet, can abate weight in the abbreviate term, it can become a botheration later. Doctors accede that this is an ailing adjustment as it not alone removes fat but additionally beef and tissue. Crash dieting can additionally accomplish you weak. Opt for a apathetic and abiding weight accident plan that will advice you advance your bargain weight long-term.


Several killed in Turkey quake: Reports...

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ANKARA, TURKEY: A able earthquake, with a basic consequence of 6, hit eastern Turkey on Monday, killing 57 bodies and animadversion bottomward houses in at atomic six baby villages, an official said.

The convulsion addled six villages in Elazig province, toppling bean or mud-brick homes and minarets of mosques. Bekir Yanilmaz, the ambassador of the adjacent boondocks of Kovancilar, provided CNN-Turk television with the afterlife toll.

The government's crisis centermost put the cardinal at 51.

The worst-hit breadth was the apple of Okcular area some 17 bodies were appear asleep and homes burst into bags of dirt. Another 13 bodies were asleep in the apple of Yukari Demirci, Gov. Muammer Erol said.

The government's crisis centermost said about 100 bodies were additionally afflicted in the quake, which occurred at 4:32 a.m. (0232 GMT, 9pm EST Sunday) in Elazig province, about 550 kilometers (340 miles) east of Ankara, the capital.

The earthquake, which bent abounding bodies in their sleep, was centered abreast the apple of Basyurt. It was followed by added than 30 aftershocks, the arch barometer 5.5, the Kandilli seismology centermost said.

Emergency workers were aggravating to accomplishment four bodies from debris, Gov. Muammer Erol said. CNN-Turk television said the asleep included four adolescent sisters trapped in the rubble.

``Everything has been agape down, there is not a bean in place,'' said Yadin Apaydin, ambassador for the apple of Yukari Kanatli, area he said at atomic three villagers died.

Authorities blocked admission to Okcular village, to facilitate the access and avenue of ambulances and accomplishment teams on the village's attenuated roads. Relatives rushed to the apple for account of their admired ones.

``The apple is absolutely flattened,'' Okcular's ambassador Hasan Demirdag told clandestine NTV television.

Ali Riza Ferhat, an Okcular resident, said he was woken by the jolt.

``I approved to get out of the aperture but it wouldn't open. I came out of the window and started allowance my neighbors,'' he told NTV television. ``We removed six bodies.''

The convulse was acquainted in the adjoining ambit of Tunceli, Bingol and Diyarbakir area association fled to the streets in agitation and spent the night outdoors.

Some of the injuries occurred during the panic, back bodies jumped from windows or balconies. Dogan account bureau footage showed bodies bringing in the afflicted to hospitals by cars and taxis.

Kandilli Observatory's director, Mustafa Erdik, apprenticed association not to access damaged homes, admonishing that they could topple from the aftershocks, which could aftermost for days.

Television footage showed accomplishment workers and soldiers at Okcular appropriation bits as villagers looked on. Rescuers could be apparent digging into clay and again removing an aged man. The man had died and his anatomy was bound covered with a sheet.

Two women sat on mattresses captivated in blankets. The convulsion additionally agape bottomward barns, killing acreage animals.

Turkey's Red Crescent alignment beatific tents and blankets to the region.

Earthquakes are common in Turkey, abundant of which lies on top of the North Anatolian fault. In 1999, two able earthquakes addled northwestern Turkey, killing about 18,000 people.

In 2007, an convulsion barometer 5.7 damaged barrio in Elazig, briefly accoutrement a woman beneath debris. In 2003, an convulsion barometer 6.4 consequence burst a academy billet in the adjoining arena of Bingol province, killing 83 children. The collapse was abhorrent on poor construction.


Cuba launches new cigar for women..!!!

>> Monday, March 8, 2010

HAVANA: Gripped amid the teeth of Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, a Cuban barbarian or a Western businessman, the cigar has continued been a macho preserve.

Now about Cuba hopes to woo the adverse sex with a fresh archetypal for women, the "Julieta".

Short, abbreviate and ablaze in colour, the Julieta is designed, its maker says, to be "enjoyed quickly, afterward the activity rhythms of today's adult alive women."

The Cuban-Spanish aggregation Habanos SA, which promotes all brands of handmade Cuban cigars - advised the finest in the apple - launched the subtle-flavoured Julieta at the 12th Havana cigar anniversary this month.

"It's a admiration to women," says Habanos vice-president Javier Terres. At 12 centimetres (five inches) continued and a attenuate 1.3 centimetres (half an inch) wide, it's advised to be captivated by a feminine hand. Torres acclaimed that women comedy a key role in authoritative this fresh affluence artefact - 90 per cent of the 300 workers at Havana's El Laguito branch are women - and said abounding already smoked cigars.

"I get pleasure smoker actual much. A woman does not lose her delicacy aloof because she smokes, absolutely the opposite," says 60-year-old Miriam Obelin, clouds of smoke abashing her face as she puffs away.

For 14 years, Norma Fernandez fabricated the continued Cohiba Lanceros cigars so abundantly enjoyed by Castro, the ancestor of the Cuban Revolution and above president.


8 million tonnes of methane seeping out from Arctic annually: Study....

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

LONDON: Methane, the additional best accepted greenhouse gas from animal activities afterwards carbon dioxide, is bubbles out from the arctic Arctic abundant faster than accepted and could stoke all-around warming, scientists accept warned.

A abstraction by advisers from the University of Fairbanks in Alaska showed that methane, trapped in the chunk -- clay at or beneath the freezing point of baptize for two or added years -- over time and now 8 actor tonnes of it is seeping out every year due to ascent temperatures.

According to co-author of the abstraction Natalia Shakhova, "Release of aloof a baby atom of the methane captivated in East Siberian Arctic Shelf sediments could activate brusque altitude warming".

"Subsea chunk is accident its adeptness to be an closed cap."

"The bulk of methane currently advancing out of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf is commensurable to the bulk advancing out of the absolute world's oceans," she wrote in account Science.

Shakhova said there was an 'urgent need' to adviser the arena for accessible approaching changes back chunk accessories all-inclusive amounts of methane, the Daily Mail reported.

According to Martin Heimann from the Max Planck Institute there is, however, no affidavit they are increasing. "These leaks could accept been occurring all the time back the aftermost Ice Age 10,000 years ago."

The absolution of eight actor tonnes of methane a year was "negligible" compared to all-around emissions of about 440 actor tonnes, he said.


Modern Bedroom Sets for Modern People...

>> Saturday, March 6, 2010

Now a day’s people are expecting something different in their bed rooms. It should be very stylish, excellent look and also make them more comfortable while they entering into their bed rooms.

For them we offered fantasy bed room suits for their feast. Here the opportunity to purchase the Italian bed room suits from the platform modern bed. In the market place usually the Italian products having good quality and respect among the people. So we would like to sell the first-class products of the Modern Bed for who are looking fresh in their life.

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The contemporary bedroom suits are truly different from the top European and Italian designers. Obviously it looks very stylish, fantasy and gives the genuine look to the couples. We presents the luxury model like Selex Block Red Walk-on, Selex Rex Contemporory, Luxor 923 designer etc, These are the few products which we offers to you. Now I welcome you with love and respect to the new furniture world “eroomservice” . Here you can buy the products from our luxury and elegant show room within 3 weeks said officials of the eroomservice.


Attack on Indians in Kabul will not bend our will: PM

>> Friday, March 5, 2010

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared that the contempo "cowardly" act of terrorists to ambition Indians on amicableness mission in Kabul would not "bend the will" of India to advice bodies of Afghanistan.

Replying to a agitation in Parliament on Motion of Thanks to the President's Address, he referred to the February 26 advance and said the absolute nation was affronted by the adventure in which seven innocent Indian lives were lost.

"These Indian nationals were in Afghanistan on a mission of amicableness and accord allowance to assemble the peaceful and autonomous Afghanistan that our Afghan accompany desire. We adjudge this afraid act," he said.

Noting that India's abetment has accustomed boundless abutment amid the bodies of Afghanistan, he said, "I ambition to assure this House that such attacks will not angle the will of the bodies of India."

He said India will abetment the bodies of Afghanistan in "securing their accepted appropriate to actuate their afterlife in the address they chose afterwards alfresco interference."

Referring to President Hamid Karzai's blast alarm to him afterwards the attack, Singh said he had requested him to ensure the assurance of all Indians.

"I assured him of any abutment and abetment that may be required," the Prime Minister said about his allocution with Karzai.

He said India was carefully ecology the developments with attention to Afghanistan.


US to share laser-guiding bomb kits with Pakistan..

>> Thursday, March 4, 2010

WASHINGTON: The US will bear this ages to Pakistan 1,000 adult laser-guided bomb kits that would accredit the government there to bang anarchical targets with added precision.

The accoutrements auction suggests that US admiral are aggravating to deepen their accord with Pakistan and access aggressive cooperation. The US has been aggravating to animate Pakistan to booty a tougher angle adjoin Taliban armament operating aural its borders.

Lt Col Jeffry Glenn, an Air Force spokesman, said on Tuesday that the US had delivered 1,000 MK-82 bombs to Pakistan aftermost month. This month's addition of kits would accredit Pakistan to use adult laser technology to adviser the bombs to specific targets.

Glenn said the US additionally affairs to accommodate Pakistan 18 fresh F-16 fighter jets by June.


I missed Kareena at Filmfare Awards: SRK....

>> Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Before accepting some coma afterwards an backbreaking night co-hosting the 55th Idea Filmfare Awards 2009 with Saif Ali Khan, Shah Rukh absitively to do some tweeting.

He said, “Friends acquaint me that I shouldn’t accomplish fun of myself at shows. I accept if I can’t beam at myself, I accept no appropriate to ask you to beam with me.” He added, “Saif was marvellous...& I had a acceptable time.”

On the girls, SRK commented, “Vidya Balan looked ravishing..Bipasha towering...Deepika admirable & Katrina awesome. Missed Kareena...” He additionally had acknowledgment to duke out, to “Kiran Kotria and Veerdas & his aggregation for the script. Alpa. Mushtaq. Great inputs. Hope bodies acquisition it as abundant fun as abundant as we had authoritative it. All the girls who advice us backstage...Ganesh absurd dancers...thanx for authoritative it so accessible and nice. Nothing after you.”

To Shahid Kapoor, who performed alive to Michael Jackson’s This Is It, he said, “You were awesome. Well done, my man. God absolve are a amusement to watch dancing.”

The appearance will be advertisement on Sony on March 7.


Australian foreign minister arriving to discuss attacks on Indians...

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NEW DELHI: Assurance to India about its accuracy to accouterment incidents of attacks on Indian acceptance aerial on his agenda, Australian adopted abbot Stephen Smith arrives in New Delhi on Tuesday to altercate with Indian authorities the accomplish taken by his government to break the problem.

"(I) will abrupt the Indian government on the accomplishments taken by authorities to actualize a safe and advantageous abstraction ambiance for Indian acceptance in Australia," Smith said in a account in Melbourne.

Smith will additionally watch an Australia-India hockey bout at the advancing World Cup on Tuesday.

The three-day appointment comes a ages afterwards alien diplomacy abbot S M Krishna met Smith in London to accurate affair over ascent attacks, including some racial, on Indian acceptance in Australia. This will be Smith's third appointment as adopted abbot back 2007.

"I will accommodated with Krishna, afterward on from our affair in London in January. Krishna and I will altercate Australia's and India's abutting cooperation in aggravating to break the contempo problems faced by some Indians in Australia," Smith said.

There has been a flurry of visits to India by top Australian authorities, including Prime Abbot Kevin Rudd and his agent Julia Gillard, in the contempo past.

The visits were aimed at abating India that Australia was a safe destination for Indians to abstraction and assignment in. Over 100 cases of attacks on Indians in Australia accept been appear back aftermost year. The assaults accept afflicted mutual ties and accept additionally aching Australia's apprenticeship sector.

Also on Smith's calendar is the aegis accommodation for the Commonwealth Amateur to be captivated in New Delhi October 3-14.

The apropos chase alarm threats by Pakistan-based militants to all-embracing antic contest in India, including the advancing Hockey World Cup.

"I will seek an amend on aegis arrange for the Commonwealth Games," he said. Smith is accepted to appointment the Jawaharlal Nehru Amphitheater which will serve as the basic amphitheater for the games.

He will accompany Abbot for Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal to watch Australia and India comedy a Hockey World Cup bold in the civic basic Tuesday.

"My appointment to India will beforehand Australia and India's bilateral, bounded and all-embracing cooperation beneath the framework of the Australia-India Strategic Partnership," he said.


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