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Modi must reply to all five charges in 15 days: Shashank Manohar....

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

MUMBAI: Accusing Lalit Modi of austere banking irregularities while active the IPL, the BCCI on Monday levelled bristles accuse adjoin him, including catechism marks over the antecedent bids of Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab and bid-rigging of two fresh franchises.

Addressing a columnist appointment afterwards an emergency affair of the IPL Governing Council, BCCI admiral Shashank Manohar said the GC has asked Modi to acknowledgment to the accuse in 15 days.

"The accuse basically are with commendations to the antecedent bids of Rajasthan Royals, Kings XI Punjab. And the additional accusation is in commendations to the broadcasting deal," Manohar said.

"The third accusation is with commendations to the bid-rigging of the two fresh franchisees. The fourth accusation is with commendations to the internet rights. The fifth is with commendations to the behavioural arrangement of Modi," Manohar said.

The BCCI arch said that as far as the accusation that a abetment fee was paid for the the advertisement deal, the lath did not accept any accompanying certificate as it was a amount amid a Singapore-based close and addition aggregation in Mauritius.

"For example, there is an accusation that a abetment fee was paid. But the Lath does not accept the document. Now this accord happened amid MSM (Multi Screen Media), Singapore and WSG (World Sports Group), Mauritius," Manohar said.

"So there is no acumen why this certificate would be present with the Board. Since I don't accept this certificate with me, I don't see any acumen why we should be acquainted of this," the BCCI arch explained.

He said the Lath was not acquainted whether any "benami" funds were anchored with Rajasthan Royals authorization as it did not accept the accouterment to acquisition out the antecedent of the funds.

"Now, if you booty Rajasthan Royals - bodies are adage there is benami allotment in the franchise. So if the funds are advancing from Mauritius or if the funds are advancing from Virgin Islands, I do not accept any accouterment to acquisition out area the funds are advancing from. So I cannot see whose funds are advancing from where," he said.

"Now Income Tax and Enforcement Directorate are investigating these affairs and back they gave us the notice, alone again we became acquainted of it," he added.

Accusing Modi of aperture arcane Lath matters, Manohar said this was what was meant by behavioural pattern.

"(It means) Arcane advice of the lath actuality leaked to the media. I accept consistently maintained this -- the Lath functions aural the four walls of this building. If you accept to aperture aggregate to the media again you ability as able-bodied authority this affair at the Oval ground," he said.

"They behaved like their superior," was Manohar's blunt acknowledgment to a catechism on what the BCCI's angle was about the behavioural arrangement of IPL CEO Sundar Raman.

Sundar Raman allegedly aweless with above cricketer Sunil Walson and appear on his 'Twitter' folio an official advice about Sachin Tendulkar instead of arising a columnist release.

Manohar said there are altered accoutrement in the Board's architecture for arising appearance account and suspension.

"There are two provisions: 32 (ii) area you accept to accredit a abettor who prepares a address and based on that address we affair a appearance account apprehension followed by an enquiry. The added one 32 (iv) is accurately for administrators and associates area a appearance account can be noticed and beneath 32 (vii) there is a accouterment to append an individual."


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