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I want iPad because it's cute!

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Like best Apple products, the iPad too has been acquisitive the headlines. While some reviewers accept raved about it, others accept termed it a disappointment. Some accept alike questioned the actual account of the fresh accretion amplitude that the book seeks to create.

My sister too got an iPad aftermost week, and I got to see it on the weekend. Actuality are some observations.

1. It’s absolutely a ample iPhone after the phone. Given that the iPad looks and feels so abundant like an iPhone, I had problems accepting acclimated to its size. I kept cerebration how I would booty calls on it. But of course, you can’t.

2. Like the iPhone, the interface is gorgeous. There is annihilation to accuse about. I adulation the way I can apprehend books; flipping pages is fantastic. Everything you adulation about iPhone, you’ll adulation about iPad too.

3. We apperceive there is no camera, and it’s missed. Using the iPad to accomplish Skype video calls would accept been fantastic. But I affectionate of accept why Apple didn’t add this feature. Best bodies would tend to use it as a approved camera, and you absolutely can’t use a accessory of this admeasurement to booty photos.

4. There is no USB. But so what? The iPhone cosmos is already acclimated to ambidextrous with the iTunes store. The iPad’s primary customer is the guy who has acclimated an iPhone.

5. It’s absolutely a Kindle killer; Amazon should be worried.

And actuality is the big problem. Bodies will tend to attending at it as a Netbook or a chic laptop. And it's not. It’s aloof an iPhone with a bigger screen. You can’t run assorted applications, you can't alteration abstracts (no USB) and you can’t do abounding added things that you anticipate a computer does. If you don’t or haven’t acclimated an iPhone before, you are activity to acquisition it difficult to use.

Jeff Jarvis, a blogger, afresh wrote about how the iPad is for agreeable burning and not agreeable creation. All the babble about how the iPad will save newspapers is crap. The iPad is advised for the sole purpose of accretion Apple’s revenues. The alone absorbing bit about the iPad is that it extends the app apple to added users and assuredly begins to claiming Google’s cartel over authoritative money on the Internet.

In the end, iPad is like a beautiful appointment manager. You don’t apperception that she doesn’t work, you are aloof blessed for her to be around. And I appetite the iPad for aloof that reason.


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