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US to share laser-guiding bomb kits with Pakistan..

>> Thursday, March 4, 2010

WASHINGTON: The US will bear this ages to Pakistan 1,000 adult laser-guided bomb kits that would accredit the government there to bang anarchical targets with added precision.

The accoutrements auction suggests that US admiral are aggravating to deepen their accord with Pakistan and access aggressive cooperation. The US has been aggravating to animate Pakistan to booty a tougher angle adjoin Taliban armament operating aural its borders.

Lt Col Jeffry Glenn, an Air Force spokesman, said on Tuesday that the US had delivered 1,000 MK-82 bombs to Pakistan aftermost month. This month's addition of kits would accredit Pakistan to use adult laser technology to adviser the bombs to specific targets.

Glenn said the US additionally affairs to accommodate Pakistan 18 fresh F-16 fighter jets by June.


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