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Cuba launches new cigar for women..!!!

>> Monday, March 8, 2010

HAVANA: Gripped amid the teeth of Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, a Cuban barbarian or a Western businessman, the cigar has continued been a macho preserve.

Now about Cuba hopes to woo the adverse sex with a fresh archetypal for women, the "Julieta".

Short, abbreviate and ablaze in colour, the Julieta is designed, its maker says, to be "enjoyed quickly, afterward the activity rhythms of today's adult alive women."

The Cuban-Spanish aggregation Habanos SA, which promotes all brands of handmade Cuban cigars - advised the finest in the apple - launched the subtle-flavoured Julieta at the 12th Havana cigar anniversary this month.

"It's a admiration to women," says Habanos vice-president Javier Terres. At 12 centimetres (five inches) continued and a attenuate 1.3 centimetres (half an inch) wide, it's advised to be captivated by a feminine hand. Torres acclaimed that women comedy a key role in authoritative this fresh affluence artefact - 90 per cent of the 300 workers at Havana's El Laguito branch are women - and said abounding already smoked cigars.

"I get pleasure smoker actual much. A woman does not lose her delicacy aloof because she smokes, absolutely the opposite," says 60-year-old Miriam Obelin, clouds of smoke abashing her face as she puffs away.

For 14 years, Norma Fernandez fabricated the continued Cohiba Lanceros cigars so abundantly enjoyed by Castro, the ancestor of the Cuban Revolution and above president.


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