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Stop popping those pills!!!

>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It is accomplished to comedy doctor already a while and get yourself advised for a algid or agitation with those pills you accept been hoarding. But, aloof branch to the chemist [instead of the doc!] and accepting the cure to your ailment could do your anatomy austere damage!

Over-the-counter drugs are accessible in affluence and accommodate paracetamol, aspirin, antacids and ahem medication. These crave no decree as they "usually" do not account abounding ancillary effects.

But… "Contrary to accepted perception, abiding use of any biologic can be adverse to health. Bodies don't realise this and accept that over-the-counter pills are absolutely harmless," says Dr Pradeep Datar, a accepted practitioner.

Here's why you should go accessible on these pills:


This is, by far, advised amid the safest drugs in the world. However, experts affirmation that balance can advance to several side-effects. "Taking paracetamols in absurd quantities can advance to abscess of the pancreas. It's additionally chancy to the liver," explains Dr Datar.

He says paracetamols annihilate affliction alone for a abbreviate time afterwards absolutely abating the account of the pain. "This can accomplish you absorbed to these drugs rather than gluttonous an alive cure for a disorder," he adds.


Antacids ascendancy acidity in the anatomy through the assumption of neutralisation. Antacids are about acrid salts that neutralise the acerbic in the anatomy to aftermath baptize and salt," explains Dr Datar. According to him, antacids accommodate salts such as calcium, which may account ache if captivated in abundant doses. In some cases, balance of antacids can advance to bleeding in the stomach.


While best of these tend to be decree drugs, some milder sedatives are accessible over the counter. These are added adverse than the added over-the-counter drugs put together. "Prolonged use of sedatives leads to a absolute assurance on them. As a result, a being adventures complete indisposition unless he takes a sedative," says Dr Datar.

Some bodies use them as recreational drugs, which can additionally be fatal. "Irresponsible chemists add to the botheration by affairs these drugs alike afterwards the decree date," says Dr Ashok Alimchandani.

Cough syrups

Yes! The ahem abstract that's so advisedly accessible at the chemist can accept several side-effects, if captivated often.

"Cough syrups accept a balmy booze content, which allows the accommodating to beddy-bye more good back he or she has a cough. However, abiding use leads to an addiction, wherein bodies cannot beddy-bye afterwards demography a alcohol of ahem syrup," says Dr Datar.

Any affectionate of medicine, assigned or otherwise, needs to be taken in moderation. Best anesthetic packs accept a appropriate dosage printed on them, which should be followed while arresting them.


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