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PTV says Pak Taliban chief Mehsud dead, govt says can't confirm yet...!!!

>> Monday, February 1, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan accompaniment television has appear that the alarming active baton Hakimullah Mehsud was dead in a US bombinate advance two weeks ago, a affirmation which was bound denied by the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the accumulation that Mehsud heads.The address said that Hakimullah Mehsud, a ambition of CIA-directed bombinate strikes over the accomplished month, has already been buried. The antecedent of the advice was not clear. At atomic 10 added Taliban fighters reportedly died in the January 14 advance that is said to accept dead Mehsud.

Within hours of the address Taliban denied that Mehsud had been dead and challenged reporters to accommodate affidavit of it.“Hakimullah is animate and safe. The purpose of belief apropos his afterlife is to actualize differences amid Taliban ranks, but such bodies will never succeed," TTP agent Azam Tariq told media.

In his aboriginal 30s, Mehsud rose to bulge as administrator of attacks on NATO convoys in Peshawar and Khyber affiliated region, abreast the Afghan border. After the afterlife of Baitullah Mehsud in August 2009 in US missile strike, Hakimullah became the arch of Pakistani Taliban. Mehsud has a acceptability of actuality ruthless, advancing and daring.

Pakistan’s aggressive spokesman, Major General Athar Abbas said the army was aggravating to verify the accompaniment TV report. "We don't accept any acceptance of Mehsud’s death. The address aired on PTV did not appear from any accompaniment agency”, he added. A affiliated ancient told the Associated Press account bureau on Sunday that he had abounding Mehsud's burial in the Mamuzai breadth of Orakzai on Thursday.

There accept been letters of Mehsud's afterlife for two weeks now. After the bombinate bang on January 14, an audiotape came in which Mehsud denied letters that he had been killed. But he gave no adumbration back the bulletin was recorded. On January 17, Taliban appear addition tape, acquisitive no agnosticism to annihilate the rumours.

In the tape, Mehsud said: "Today is the 16th of January. I appetite to affirm to all my mujahidin brothers that I am Hakimullah and I am animate and in acceptable health.” But he was allegedly targeted a additional time in a bombinate bang on two cartage in North Waziristan on 17 January. Unconfirmed letters back again accept appropriate Hakimullah was actively afflicted in that bang and was confused to his above bastion of Orakzai affiliated bureau for treatment.

Baitullah Mehsud, the above baton of the Pakistani Taliban, died aftermost August but it took the Taliban a cardinal of weeks to accept that he had been hit in the missile bang which dead him. The US has agitated out common bombinate attacks in the affiliated belt over the accomplished month. The bombinate attacks seems to accept been triggered by the 30 December suicide bombing of a CIA abject in southern Afghanistan that dead seven Americans spies, including the abject chief. Hakimullah Mehsud afresh appeared in a video alongside a Jordanian doctor declared to accept dead seven CIA agents in a suicide bombing. Pakistan about criticizes bombinate attacks, adage they ammunition abutment for the militants. But assemblage say in clandestine the authorities accept accustomed the ambitious for the strikes.


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