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Most women blame victims for rape, says British survey ...!!!

>> Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LONDON: Added than bisected of women accept that the abduction victims are added amenable for the advance on them than the rapists, according to a fresh British survey.

The analysis of 1,000 adults begin 54% of women — mostly those age-old amid 18 and 24 years — accept abduction victims should be captivated answerable for the attacks. Over 24% of this age accumulation said cutting a abbreviate skirt, accepting a alcohol or accepting chat with the defacer fabricated victims partly responsible.

Nearly a fifth of women anticipation the victim was at accountability if she went aback to the attacker’s house, while added than one in ten — 13% — said dancing provocatively or flirting fabricated them partly responsible. According to animal advance clinics that agitated out the poll, this accusation ability is black victims from advertisement the crime.

The ‘Wake Up To Rape’ address additionally begin that 14% of women accept best abduction claims were fabricated up. Alarmingly, the analysis additionally begin that one in three men claimed they didn’t anticipate it was abduction if they fabricated their accomplice accept sex back they didn’t appetite to, the Daily Mail reported. The poll additionally begin one in bristles women wouldn’t address a abduction to the police, with bisected of these adage they would be ashamed.


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