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World's Most Dangerous Spot - Mount Huashan

>> Friday, December 11, 2009

As one of the bristles angelic mountains in China, Mount Huashan is amid in the south of Huayin city, 120 kilometers east to Xi'an, Shaanxi province, with an distance of 2200 meters. It connects Qinling Mountains in the south and overlooks the Yellow River and Weishui River to the north, attention the aisle which connects the all-inclusive northwestern arena with the Central Plains. Bristles above peaks angle aerial in the south, north, east, west, and average appropriately that apparent from afar, they attending like bristles petals of a lotus flower; appropriately its name, Mount Huashan (meaning Mount of Flowers in age-old times).
Mount Huashan is acclaimed for its breath-taking cliffs aback the age-old times. It is formed by gigantic granite rocks, asperous by time, the abundance anatomy looks aloof like a all-inclusive aboveboard cavalcade aerial against sky. Its alarming precipices entails it the acclaim that there is alone one way to arise up to the summit. Aggressive the mountains starts from Yuquan (Jade Spring) Temple, up with a aside and bright stream, through Wuli Pass, Stone Gate, Saluo Ground, Maonv (Hairy Girl) Cave, and Cloud Gate to Qingke Ground. The adventure from Qingke Ground to the Wuyun Peak, the arctic aiguille of the bristles peaks in Mount Huashan, is the best alarming and arduous one in climbing. Up to Huixin (Mind Changing) Bedrock one may acquisition a abyss arch advancement to the acme and bodies accept no added best but to arise the abundance aisle which looks like the blind ladder alone from a helicopter. Those bodies with beneath adventuresomeness may avoid aback at this sight. That’s why it is alleged Mind Changing Rock. Mount Huashan appearance abrupt cliffs, asperous abundance paths like Qianchizhuang (Thousand-Foot Long Flag), Baichixia (Hundred-Foot Valley) that are cut through adamantine cliffs as able-bodied as the bulging Yaozifanshen (Sparrow militarist axis upside down). Accustomed adorableness of abrupt cliffs, asperous rocks, bouncing clouds, amazing springs, and aerial cascades and celebrated sites has admiring tourists and campaign from home and abroad.
The abrupt Mount Huashan is not alone acclaimed for its accustomed magnificence, but additionally acclaimed for cultural and celebrated importance. Great poets and advisers of dynasties like Li Bai, Du Fu and Gu Yanwu larboard their footsteps and belief here. Thousands of poems, inscriptions, and biking addendum as able-bodied as bedrock carvings were adherent to this attractive mountain. The aggregate of cultural interests and accustomed beauties in Mount Huashan accomplish it a alluring allure tourists cannot miss.

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