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Jon Gosselin: On Suicide Watch...!!!

>> Sunday, December 27, 2009

He's clearly divorced. He owes a lot in adolescent abutment payments. His best contempo adherent wants annihilation to do with him.

For all these affidavit and more, Jon Gosselin is accepting a anniversary division to forget. According to The National Enquirer, this is absolutely what he may be aggravating to do... forever.

“Jon appears to be at the end of his rope. He feels that he has annihilation larboard to alive for,” a acquaintance told the tabloid. “Jon feels betrayed by anyone he’s anytime trusted. He’s drowning in a sea of debt, yet he blames anybody except himself for his problems."

That acrimony is allegedly directed at TLC, the arrangement that fabricated Gosselin all his money in the aboriginal place.

Sad Jon

“Jon says TLC is still preventing him from advancing added high-paying offers as a ‘vendetta’ for affairs the bung on Jon & Kate Plus 8. He claims they’re out to ruin him,” the cabal said.

The unemployed douchebag owes $90,000 to Hailey Glassman, forth with $13,000 per ages in adolescent abutment to Kate Gosselin. His bearding pal says Jon may anon get evicted from his NYC apartment.

If that happens, it will at atomic accord him added time to axis Hailey and fresh admirer Damon Feldman. There's article to alive for, Jon!

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