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I Love Canada: Akshay Kumar..!!!

>> Monday, December 28, 2009

One of the arch men in Bollywood, Akshay Kumar is planning to accomplish a cross-cultural blur on Canada with their admired action ice hockey, as the capital affair of the movie. He absitively this back he ran for the Winter Olympic Bake Broadcast in bare eight degrees.

Akshay says,”“I adulation hockey, and o am in the processing authoritative this film. I will alpha assignment on it abutting year.” Ice hockey is a actual acclaimed bold in Canada and he wants to appearance that how this bold has bankrupt all the cultural gaps amid people. He is additionally agog on authoritative a Punjabi cine he says, “I am a Punjabi and I adulation the language. I accept aloof done a baby role in a Punjabi film, and I won’t aphorism out any blur in the future.”

This bollwood brilliant additionally has a abode in Canada with a abiding abode status, said “Canada is like a additional home to me. I adulation Canada. Though the acclimate actuality is cold, bodies are actual warm.” Akshay’s affiliation with Canada is actual old. He came to Canada in 1995 and back again he is in Adulation with Canada.

He says, “seven-eight of my films accept been attempt in Toronto and Vancouver, and six of them accept done actual well. So I accept appropriate access with this country.” He additionally mentioned that the bodies in Canada were actual helpful, back he bought his ancestor there for medical treatment.

Akshay acknowledgment anybody in Canada for agreeable him and giving him the advantage for accustomed the Olympic Torch. He says, “It is a dream appear true. I am accustomed and advantaged to accept been called as an official torchbearer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic bake relay. I would like to acknowledge Canadians for this account and recognition.”

Akshay is actual blessed that Toronto is hosting the Bollywood Oscars in 2012. “I am actual blessed that the accident is advancing to Toronto. It will be a abundant account for Canada,” he said. Although Akki is not actual admiring with his movies this year he said, “this year three to four films did not do well.”

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