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Women are most attractive at 31.....!!!

>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Women are at their adorable bets back they are 31— that’s the absolute age when, according to a survey, they are advised best beautiful.

The poll of 2,000 men and women, commissioned by the arcade approach QVC to bless its Adorableness Month, begin that females in their aboriginal thirties are apparent as added adorable than adolescent girls as they are added assured and stylish.

The analysis assured that adorableness is as abundant about personality as appearance.

It was authentic as actuality assured by 70 per cent, accepting acceptable looks by 67 per cent and actuality beautiful by 47 per cent.

Almost two thirds of women surveyed - 63 per cent - agreed that "with age, comes beauty".

The aforementioned cardinal said that as they get older, they affliction beneath about what others anticipate of the way they look.

And 51 per cent said as they age they afford their insecurities and feel prettier.

The analysis additionally begin that men now absorb added on their looks than women—their account bill including gym and hairdressers is 119 pounds, compared to girls'' 105 pounds.

"This analysis shows what abounding accept consistently doubtable - absolute adorableness is about added than aloof acceptable looks, but a aggregate of confidence, appearance and personality too,” the Scotsman quoted Sue Leeson, business administrator of QVC, as saying.

"We apperceive that alleviative yourself to article that makes you feel good, experimenting with hairstyles, and alive the composition to abrasion that makes you attending your best will enhance your aplomb and accomplish you feel at your peak,” she added.


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