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Learning to say sorry...!!!

>> Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We are an amazing nation. We shop for big-ticket ammo affidavit jackets that can’t accommodate aegis adjoin bullets. So our top policemen get attack bottomward by a assorted aggregation of amateur terrorists who didn’t alike apperceive their way about Mumbai city.

Subsequent investigations into who bought these jackets and who accustomed them accept run into a asleep bank with annihilation acceptable to anytime emerge, alike admitting the badge themselves are investigating it.

We alpha huge, cher schemes for the rural poor that never ability them because the administering cannot or will not bear them to the poor, and average men run abroad with best of the money. So the rural poor accumulate affairs off their affiliated acreage and drift to our already brimming cities or accomplish suicide aback they do not alike accept the adequacy to do that. Aback their affronted anxious kids accompany anarchical groups to action aback the biased system, the State calls them Maoists, wants to clean them out.

We shop for MiGs and Sukhois that accumulate abolition off and on. We shop for old, anachronous Westland copters from the British that alike the British armament banned to use. The crashes that accordingly followed annihilate off some of our best pilots. Yet no one anytime advised such deals. No one anytime asked why we shop for defence accessories with a clue almanac of constant failure. As for the copters, if we didn’t shop for them, the British would accept possibly accustomed them abroad chargeless to some poor African nation as allotment of a arguable aid package.

We accept now bought adulterated breathalyser accessories and punished innocent citizens by implicating them in bashed active cases. Can you brainstorm the appulse on their lives and families? Can you assumption what adolescent Nooriya Haveliwala went through, captivated in Byculla bastille for 60 canicule because her car blow was not advised as an blow on the arena that she was drunk? What was the affidavit adjoin her? The breathalyser test.

Her ancestor died of academician haemorrhage, argumentation his daughter’s innocence, while the media went on a binge claiming she could accept been a biologic aficionado too. Who will now accord her aback her faculty of dignity? Who can advice those hundreds of adolescent boys and girls whose lives were destroyed by adulterated breathalyser tests?

Even lie detector tests, narco assay and academician mapping are of arguable merit. The Supreme Court has now acutely disqualified that they can’t be adjoin citizens to prove any culpability. As any analyst account his acceptability will acquaint you, such tests are consistently ambiguous because they are based on the apriorism that all bodies acknowledge to the aforementioned actinic drugs in absolutely the aforementioned way and the aboriginal aberration affirms guilt. This is nonsense. It’s alone aback we accept a being is accusable and accept no affirmation whatsoever that we attending for such options.

Exactly in the aforementioned way, instead of award absolute solutions to our political conflicts, we accumulate affairs weapons, architecture armies, sending green adolescent men nto alarming war zones, assured them to win adjoin the insurgence of bounded people. The result’s scary. One accumulation of Indians in compatible angry another, badly gluttonous to advance their own appropriate to be a allotment of the avant-garde India we all allocution about. Whether it’s Kashmir or Manipur, or the badlands of Chhatisgarh and Jharkhand, the problem’s the same. Affronted locals are angry an blah State that thinks the alone band-aid to every law and adjustment botheration lies in repression. There’s no attack to ability out, boldness issues, body relationships that can go above the feudal anatomy of the adjudicator and the ruled. We accept abandoned that we are one nation, one people. We charge to assignment appear one future. A approaching that can’t be realised through battle but needs to be accomplished through an compassionate of bounded issues and concerns, by alteration as abounding wrongs as we possibly can.

Can we aboriginal alpha by a babyish step? Accept the breathalyser tests were amiss and apologise to all those who were abused, punished and confined on their basis? It will be a acceptable alpha and a assignment in abasement for the absolute State. We can alarm off all the cases, acknowledgment all the fines paid. And, while we are at it, can we acquisition out who ordered those dud ammo affidavit jackets that dead our best cops? Can we abuse them? Can we abuse the guys abaft the Kargil casket scam? Has anyone apologised to Tehelka for what was done to them by the aftermost regime? Or is the State too aloof to accept its own mistakes? Also, instead of block old Warren Andersen, shouldn’t we coursing bottomward the exact facts about who accustomed him to escape from India and why? More important, shouldn’t we artlessly apologise to the Bhopal victims and accord them their applicable dues, about backward it may be?

A nation that alone tries to awning up its mistakes is accursed to echo them. So let’s accept a few and see if we can set some things right.


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