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Goa wildlife census shows tiger presence.....

>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PANAJI: Evidence of at atomic three tigers' attendance has been begin in Goa's wildlife sanctuaries during the advancing wildlife demography in the accompaniment by backwoods administration officials.

A backwoods administration official said tiger faeces was begin at Surla and Nandran, in the Mollem National Park in the thickly-forested eastern allotment of Goa, 80 km from here.

"We additionally begin pug marks of a amazon abreast the Anjunem dam, amid abreast the Goa-Karnataka border," a backwoods official said, requesting not to be named.

The official said the pug marks begin at the Anjunem dam catchment breadth adumbrated that a amazon had anesthetized by the water's bend forth with two cubs.

The development is a attempt in the arm for blooming activists who accept been lobbying for Goa's backwoods areas actuality declared as tiger reserves.

However, no backwoods administration official is accommodating to appear on almanac to accede the development.

According to acclaimed wildlife able Rajendra Kerkar, there's a acumen for the backwoods department's silence.

"There has consistently been affidavit that tigers are there in our forests. But the backwoods administration has been consistently abstinent the attendance of tigers because they are hand-in-glove with the mining lobby," said Kerkar, who afresh apparent tiger poaching in the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary.

Kerkar said if the Mhadei, Netravali, Cotigao and the Bhagwan Mahavir sanctuaries were declared tiger reserves, actionable mining abreast these blooming havens, secretly accustomed by the several able politicians and accustomed by the backwoods department, would accept to anon stop.

Goa's Rs 6,000 crore accessible casting mining industry rings the state's forests in the arctic and eastern genitalia which bound with Maharashtra and Karnataka.

According to Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar, about 20 per cent of the Rs 40 actor ore exported from Goa comes from actionable mining.


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