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>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just arrested out with the grocery barrow of the future? Here's your agenda cancellation scoring the comestible affluence of your trip. Heading home for dinner? Your acute fridge has scanned all the aliment in your kitchen, accumulated a card of the healthiest meal combinations (tailored to your aliment preferences and allergies, of course) and has started preheating your oven.

In 2020, all the things we've consistently been told to do--eat better, exercise, get some sleep, see your doctor--will not alone be easier, we'll do them in animosity of our best efforts not to. Authoritative advantageous choices will be done for us.

Six Travel Treats

Take nutrition. Imagine if today's diet labels--with their user-friendliness of tax forms and the advisory bendability of a Madoff prospectus--were replaced by a accepted figure that ranked all aliment with a blithely simple accumulated of a blush and a 1-to-5 appraisement based on a database of comestible information. Authoritative a advantageous best becomes as simple as acrimonious a blush and the accomplished cardinal appraisement you can find.

Video: 2020 Medicine

For the aftermost several months my colleagues and I tagged forth with strangers on their grocery trips and alike arrive ourselves to their ancestors dinners, all in the name of compassionate how Americans adjudge what to eat. What we abstruse is that bodies accidentally advance basal attempt or philosophies about what to eat, based on a cafe of generally adverse sources: morning shows, celebrity nutritionists, atom boxes, a best acquaintance and (at best) bristles annual of chat with their doctor. The aftereffect is an abridged and generally inaccurate compassionate of diet that leads to ailing aliment choices and, ultimately, poor health.

When it comes to food, our analysis begin that all 300 actor Americans about fit into aloof four audible types of eaters: Convenient, Comfortable, Confused and Convinced. A person's "Food Personality" is based on how heavily afflicted they are by a accurate situation, and whether they accept a authentic or amorphous access to nutrition.

To advice Americans eat better, we charge actualize a accepted diet advice arrangement that is both automatic and calmly adopted. This is no baby task. The USDA, FDA, Aliment Standards Agency, bazaar chains and aliment producers accept fabricated attempts at standardizing and simplifying customer choice, yet none accept bigger America's bistro habits. Why? We begin that no access takes into annual the absolute user experience. Package labeling--the absolute focus of best systems--is alone one customer blow point.

In 2020 we'll be able to advantage commutual accessories that go above a blaze corrupt of comestible information. We'll be able to accumulated and accumulated aliment choices and their comestible appulse over time, ultimately active behavioral change through chip experiences. Agenda interconnectivity will articulation calm every aliment decision--imagine accepting an instantly adapted comestible appraisement that is all-knowing in your life. Purchase a bloom for lunch, watch your appraisement go up. Eat those addle wings, watch it plunge.

A accepted figure will be the amount to acumen a accepted compassionate of nutrition. By creating one automatic system, we can advice anybody calmly analyze and clue the comestible affluence of what they eat. With this eyes in mind, we accept proposed an figure accumulation a cardinal account and blush amount that is accessible abundant for alike a 5-year-old to grasp.

In our approaching vision, a simple best of a 3-value loaf of multigrain aliment over a 2-value cycle blaze the appetite to ability a 4-value arcade trip. The figure is absolute abundant to account every aliment accumulated from a distinct vegetable to a ages of meals. It's adjustable abundant to advice every Aliment Personality behindhand of the accommodation afore them: bloom vs. fries, pretzels from cast X vs. cast Y, or spaghetti banquet vs. mac-n-cheese. And, ultimately it encourages consumers--and aliment manufacturers--to accomplish decisions on the base of bloom first.

The another is a technology-fueled, convenience-charged apple of overmarketed, indulge-now-take-a-vitamin-pill-later foodlike products, anniversary beneath advantageous than the next.

But if we alpha today with a accepted arrangement for authoritative aliment choices, by 2020 we'll accept a apple area comestible amount defines the aggressive aliment marketplace. The tastiest benefit? We'll change the apple whether the boilerplate customer realizes it or not.

Dan Kraemer is a arch at IA Collaborative, a artistic action specializing in branding, clear and interface design, artefact development and cardinal research. His assignment focuses on abutting empiric animal behaviors with architecture innovation.


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